Our Favorite Miami Design Trends for 2019


When it comes to renovation design ideas, Miami is known for bright and colorful, organic yet structured, highlighting those spectacular views with a refined, contemporary style that perfectly highlights the cheerful colors of the coast.

If you are looking for elegance on a more modern and sophisticated level on home improvement design ideas, decorators in Southern Florida enjoy contemporary design options which  can include very neutral and earthy shades of beige, tan, and cream. Its end goal is a very warm space along with minimalism and strong lines.

With an eye on 2019 design trends, we found our top Miami design trends for the year.

Miami Design Trends


Contemporary spaces are revered for their sophistication, strong lines and minimalist motifs. This style is the definition of modern elegance and a Miami favorite. Here’s to  introduce a little more warmth into your contemporary homes:

  1. Softer color palettes instead of the standard white – Designing a space in shades of cream, beige, tan and eggshell will make a contemporary space feel warmer. If you’re inspired by monochromatic home design, then look for furniture pieces, fabrics and wall treatments within this softer color scheme.
  2. Mix and match shapes – Contemporary interior design is famous for its use of angles, shapes and geometric forms. Square pieces can appear strong and commanding, circular elements may feel gentle and delicate. Incorporating a variety of shapes into your home will create a more harmonious and relaxing space.
  3. Softer furniture – Some clients want furniture that is luxurious and comfortable. Soft leathers, natural fabrics and thicker cushions will add a touch of ease to any space.


Blue is everywhere in fashion and it’s a trend that we believe will continue to gain traction in home decor, especially as accent pieces. We are using gray in combination with blue in our designs and we’ve fallen in love with some really beautiful blue floor coverings. Several designers are developing a case of the navy blues. It plays so well with other colors, such as pink, cream, gray, coral and sage.

You may also go for a two-toned cabinetry. Unexpectedly, people are beginning to paint their lower kitchen cabinets a darker color than the higher cabinets. This trend creates contrast and visual interest. Displaying decorative pieces featuring both cabinet colors and utilizing consistent hardware throughout helps to coordinate the eye-catching style.


If you are looking to add personality and character to your Miami home, you can select some colorful and bold artwork to some open walls. It helps break up the empty space and will add a pop of color to the other softer shades you have incorporated into your design and decor.

Bold artwork Miami Design Trends

Decorating in a South Beach style means taking color chances, and accepting that everything may not “match” but it will be gorgeous anyway. The key to using such a fun and funky palette is to start with a vibrant, but soothing, neutral like pale yellow or green. Once you have your main color in place, add touches of aqua, purple, pink, or green, to get a balanced look. The best color inspiration creates a pulled-together look, but not too perfect. A South Beach-inspired palette, with all of the bright colors, needs that kind of structure in its color palette.

No one likes a square. No more subway tile… at least not traditional subway tile. Recently, custom tile has become much more mainstream and accessible. Bold patterned kitchen backsplashes and colorful bathroom floors are all the rage! It is a great way to add your personality and your stylish decorating taste to your home. Mix and match textures, prints, colors, and shapes to create infinite possibilities. Texture and layers add character and intrigue to a room. Walls with different layers add allure to a room.


While a lot of Miami design style may pull from a modern look -showcasing a lot of sleek lines and man-made finishes — there is nothing more inviting than an organic and warm space incorporating natural woods. In fact, this trend has been gaining steam in recent years. A combination of sleek and modern with organic and rustic. Repurposed barn wood is very popular and people are even choosing to use this on walls. If you want to do something smaller scale, use wood items for your accent pieces or in your furniture.

Soft Wood Design Trends

A touch of natural wood can transform any room into an elegant sanctuary. Organic elements make a space feel warm, welcoming and serene. Luckily, there are many ways you can incorporate the trend into your spaces:

  1. Hardwood floors – Choice of flooring is one of the most important design decisions a homeowner can make. If you opt for hardwood flooring, make sure you select a species that best suits your lifestyle and tastes. If you have an active family, oak might be the best choice for you. (It’s the most durable, comes in a variety of colors, and takes stain well.) Mahogany and walnut floors are good options if you want a richer, warmer mood.
  2. Don’t be afraid to pick options with personality! Have fun with colors and grains. Go for wider planks of wood if you want a bolder look.
  3. Bring it to the walls – Why not wow your guests with a spectacular wall feature? This can be anything from custom book shelving and cabinetry to accent walls and artwork. Take some design risks! Dare to be unconventional and make a statement with your walls!
  4. Add a hint of natural wood to your space with accessories and accent pieces



The 90’s is making a comeback! Everywhere you look, a new version of the hot 1990’s hunter green is prominently featured in Miami design trends. The right shade of green can change the feel of any room. Create a grounded and calm feeling with shades like: Sage Green, Blue-Green Gray, and Colony Green Gray. Give a room a bold punch of energy with shades like: Kelly Green, Night Watch, Lime Mousse, and Reflecting Pool.

The secret to a happy autumn home is plants, plants, and more plants. We are incorporating  design trends, live foliage, into projects. Live plants enhance modern spaces adding a special touch of color and a sense of home.

Miami design style is clean and elegant, fun and bold, yet organic; contemporary designs, playing with the shades of blue or two-toned colors, making a statement on your walls and adding an earthy touch to your home designs will give you a touch of favorite Miami design trends.

So there you go, the exciting new Miami Design trends for you to tackle with your long-anticipated remodeling project! So choose a favorite and get started!

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line remodeling design and build firm, you’ve come to the right place. We know everything there is to know about remodeling designs and trends, and we’re ready to help you!

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