What is a “Designer Ready” Condo in Miami?

If you’re in the market for a Condo in the Miami area, you may be surprised to learn that they are usually described as “decorator ready”. Not sure what that actually means? Let me explain. If you’re buying a condo, you’re allowed to completely customize it to the… Read More

Remodeling a High Rise: What To Know


The struggle gets even more real when you’re taking on a renovation at a condo, high-rise or other multi-family residence — there are usually unforeseen restrictions and extra costs to deal with. Renovating a high rise has different considerations than renovating a standalone property. Most high rises have… Read More

Our Favorite Miami Design Trends for 2019

Miami Design Trends Featured

TOP MIAMI DESIGN TRENDS When it comes to renovation design ideas, Miami is known for bright and colorful, organic yet structured, highlighting those spectacular views with a refined, contemporary style that perfectly highlights the cheerful colors of the coast. If you are looking for elegance on a more… Read More

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