Get the Look of A Mediterranean Kitchen!

At Complete Home Improvement, kitchens are one of our specialties. So today we’re going to show you how to achieve the Mediterranean Kitchen look. 


The Mediterranean Kitchen design is a favorite of many homeowners. It’s very appealing to those who like a relaxed style with a right and sunny feeling. This style is also reminiscent of the old world, particularly Italy, Greece and other Mediterranean based locations, as the name suggests. The Mediterranean style is relaxed, warm and inviting, while also elegant and sophisticated. 


Elements of a Mediterranean Kitchen:


The colors are a very important part of the Mediterranean style. The look should be soothing, with rich and warm colors hues. The style pulls from the sun, sea and natural foliage that are native to the region. 


Spicy reds, yellows, terra cotta colors, ocean blues, and muted greens really bring the Mediterranean style together. You should feel as though you’re on a sandy beach or in the Italian Countryside.


The main theme of the Mediterranean is natural-looking materials. Tile is a very important choice in this style of kitchen. Not only will you see a lot of tiled floors in Mediterranean kitchens, but you will also almost always see a tile backsplash. 

Hand-painted tiles are a perfect accent to add, really accentuating the old world vibe we talked about. Adding ledge stone or any other type of natural stone accent is also another great way to add some pop with your tile. 

While doing some of this stonework can be time-consuming, a variety of “Natural stone tile” is much easier to install, like brick tile, ledge stone panels, or mesh back tile.


Typically, the Mediterranean kitchen will create some sort of focal point with its tile. It is typical to do it over the stove area. Use different patterns of the same tile or different tiles to accent, it’s up to you. They are still usually in the same natural hues or they are of the hand-painted variety.


Flooring in a Mediterranean kitchen is usually always a hardwood or tile. The hardwood can be dark and rich or lighter and more rustic or reclaimed looking. It all depends on the exact style you’re going for.


You can have a more modern Mediterranean kitchen or go more old world. Tiles are typical: 

  • Tan 
  • Brown
  • Cream 
  • Reddish color
  • Any color keeping in line with the neutrals of the style.


In Mediterranean kitchen design, cabinets are often constructed from high-quality woods like cherry or character maple. They can be left in their natural state. They can be stained or painted to add a colorful element to the design. You will often see pops of turquoise, green, or various other colors.

Quartz Countertops-Complete Home Improvement -Miami, FL

We also see the antique white cabinets often in Mediterranean kitchen design. This keeps the room light, bright and airy. Dark cabinets also work well in the space. What we do find is that almost all of the cabinets in a Mediterranean kitchen have to detail in the door. 


You will virtually never see a slab or shaker door in this style of kitchen. This brings the more hand-carved look into space. You’re not looking for sleek in your cabinet door with this kitchen style. You will also see glazes or distressed finishes on these types of cabinets.

Architectural Features:

There are a few main architectural features in Mediterranean kitchen design. The first is the presence of arches. You will find beautiful arches over fireplaces, in walls, or in a hearth design. Hearths over top of the stove area are a very popular design choice as well.

Beams are another big architectural player in Mediterranean kitchens. Dark, light, rustic, thick, thin, it doesn’t really matter. You will find them in the majority of these kitchens. And for good reason, they are beautiful! 


Textured walls add a very old-world feel to a Mediterranean kitchen. Most old kitchens in this area of the world had plaster or stone walls, so this brings back the original feel. 

Detailed ceilings can be found in the majority of Mediterranean kitchens as well. 

  • Trey ceilings
  • Tiled ceilings
  • Beams
  • Painted ceilings

It could be anything and your choices are endless. This adds some serious detail and drama to space!

Mediterranean dining room with kithen on background. Navy walls and glossy marble floor. Served table for six person. 3D render


In a Mediterranean kitchen, you need dramatic lighting. You will always find chandeliers and lots of wrought iron. You will often see pot racks double as lighting. The bigger, the better! Mediterranean kitchens have a very unique sense of style. It is the epitome of old and new, class and relaxation. 

What is your favorite part of Mediterranean style kitchens? If this is your dream style of a kitchen, we hope we’ve laid out the road map for you to achieve it! If you are still confused about the design and planning, contact Complete Home Improvement. Call us now and let’s talk. 


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