How Interior Designers Can Grow Their Business With a Quality Contractor?

Interior designers know the design intent while general contractors know means and methods. It is possible to create an effective designer/ contractor relationship through teamwork and respect for each other. 

Whether your interior design business is just starting out or you have an established interior design firm, there’s likely room to grow. There are a lot of strategies to grow the business of Interior Designers. However, have you ever wonder how Interior Designers can grow their business with a quality contractor? 


There may be a lot of misconception and misinterpretation between the interior designers and the general contractor’s scope of work. Effective working relationships between interior designers and general contractors are vital to successful and economical to the outcome of the projects. 

Now on this blog post, let’s talk about that. Here are some guides on how Interior Designers can grow their business with a quality general contractor. 


Working with the right general contractor would allow them to remain focused on completing their projects. Customers develop certain expectations, but may not fully understand how to get to where they want to go. Emotions play a big part in the development of project design as well. A quality general contractor who works professionally would allow the interior design professional to work with the client, the contractor remains effectively focused on executing the scope of work.


Contractors are always looking for opportunities. Many contractors work on a word-of-mouth referral program. One satisfied customer leads to referrals and eventually the next project. By working with interior designers, a contractor can now leverage their relationship with a design professional. By collaborating with an interior designer, contractors can offer opportunities to the design professional as well as enjoy opportunities where the design professional brings them in as the contractor.


Working with the quality general contractors provides multiple opportunities for contractors and remodelers to improve and grow the Interior Designer’s business.

The key to happy designer/contractor relationships is finding a process that works, and communicating that process to all players. It includes the following:

  • a well-defined scope of the project 
  • a clear understanding of each player’s responsibility for the project
  • an established order for reporting information and making decisions
  • a team approach to resolving issues throughout the project 
  • open and clear communications within the team and with the client


Working as a team, sometimes involves standing up for one another. If an unresolved problem comes up while the client is on-site, the worst possible reaction would be for the contractor to place blame on the interior designer, or vice versa. If in the process of construction, a certain dilemma will occur; both the interior designer and the general contractor should pull your team together, work it out and then go to the client with the solution.


In the end, solid teamwork and communication between an interior designer and general contractor benefit the client’s bottom line by more cost-effective construction. These effective working relationships don’t just lead to additional work in the future. 


If you are looking for a quality general contractor and you are planning a home remodeling, contact the Complete Home Improvement, a certified, licensed and insured general contractor firm. They approach each project with professionalism and personal attention that has established for us a unique place in the industry.

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