What is a “Designer Ready” Condo in Miami?

If you’re in the market for a Condo in the Miami area, you may be surprised to learn that they are usually described as “decorator ready”. Not sure what that actually means? Let me explain.

If you’re buying a condo, you’re allowed to completely customize it to the style that you’re looking for, which can be fun, but also a lot of work!

Empty Room Without Repair. Interior Of White Wall

If you’re buying a “designer ready condo”, you would need to work with a design-build firm to complete the unit for you, as it’s not a DIY project by any stretch of the imagination.

Types of “Designer Ready” Condos

The term “designer ready” can describe two types of condos which are called white box and grey box units. White box units will usually have drywall, molding, doors, etc.

A grey box unit is very unfinished, with no drywall or fixtures at all, about as empty as it comes. Hence the name “grey box”, that’s all you’re really getting. 

No matter which type of condo you’re buying, you need help, and expert help to be more specific. Remodeling and finishing a condo comes with a very specific set of challenges that should be dealt with by a team that has seen it all before, knows the rules, and regulations.

With most “designer ready” units being sold before the development is fully completed, your part in terms of the finishing usually adds several months to the timeline, so prepare for that.

A Design-Build Firm to Finish Your “Designer Ready” Condo 

Ideally, you’d find the right renovation partner for your “designer ready” condo before you sign on the dotted line. Complete Home Improvement is ideal for these projects because we specialize in complete renovations, specifically condos. We’re very familiar with codes, the process, and policies from the condo association itself.

We provide a complimentary design consultation to go through your space and help you get a full game plan together. We help you identify the right layouts, styles, materials, and products, and then put them together in a stunning 3D rendering to show you exactly what your space will look like when it’s been completed. There is no detail too small for us to address, and share with you in our plans. We go over budgets, timelines, and any potential issues that may arise (as well as how to address them). We handle the very aspect of the project; from architecture and lighting to flooring and finishing. We can connect you with a top-notch interior designer for furniture and fabric selections, as well as your finishing touches like decor, to match the vibe of your new space.

Your new condo will be a stunning and unique space that showcases your personality and the lifestyle you live (or want to live!)

Contact Complete Home Improvement today to book your complimentary design consultation to get started on finishing your “designer ready” condo in Miami today!

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