What To Consider for Condo Construction

Condo construction has its own set of challenges no matter what type of condo you are remodeling. But it is always worth the effort. There are many things to consider before signing on the dotted line. Luckily, Complete Home Improvement specializes in remodeling condos, so we can give you the lowdown on what to consider!

If you consider purchasing a condo, most likely you’ll be planning to remodel. It will either be a new unit that is “designer ready”, meaning you’ll be responsible for finishing the condo, or it will be an existing unit that you want to make your own.

Two Luxury Condominium Towers In The South Beach Section Of Miam

First, you’ll need to first define who you are, and what the primary purpose of your investment is. 

If you’re an investor, your design decisions may be different as you’re not remodeling to personally live there. Your preferences don’t need to hold much weight. It will be all about the buyers or renters. If you’re going to be living there, you can make it your own and add your personality!

Although end users are primarily concerned about personal enjoyment and lifestyle, they should constantly be aware that they are still making a considerable investment in real estate. They should always look at any pre-construction purchase as a major investment for the future. As well as choosing the right design aesthetics to maximize value.

Here are the things I suggest you should consider first in remodeling a high rise:

Is decorator or Designer ready?

The vast majority of pre-construction apartments are delivered in what is known as Decorator or Designer ready. This means that the apartment will be delivered to you at closing with the following:

  • A complete kitchen and kitchen flooring,
  • Finished bathrooms and bathroom flooring only,
  • A primer coat of paint, throughout the apartment.
  • The floors inside the unit and on the terraces are delivered in their original concrete condition
  • It is your sole responsibility and expense of the buyer to complete the apartment, after closing

    Empty Room Interior With Blue Walls, A Wooden Floor, Panoramic W

If you’re buying a designer ready space, the great thing is that you have a blank canvas to work with. You can add the exact spaces, styles, and materials that you want to create the home of your dreams. But, you do need a professional designer to handle the design and finishing. It is way too large of a job for most any homeowner to handle themselves.

Do your research before you buy!

With many opportunities for pre-construction projects in today’s marketplace, it’s important to visit many different ones so you can make knowledgeable comparisons as to which one offers the best price and value for your investment. 

Learn who the developers and their architects are, and take time to find out as much as you possibly can about their experience, success, and above all, their reputations.

Begin with knowing the rules and policies of the condo board as well as understanding your limits when it comes to structural changes in your particular home. There are some things you may want to do but won’t be able to do based on their regulations. 

Work typically is not allowed on weekends. Timing also needs to be addressed with the association. Remodelers may be restricted to certain elevators and contractors also must be bonded and carry certain amounts of insurance. When you work with Complete Home Improvement, that’s never an issue.

There may be certain walls that cannot be removed, and plumbing and electric may not have much leeway either. Working with a knowledgeable construction firm that’s used to working on High Rise spaces is key in getting things done the right way.

All locations are not created equal!

Select the project with the best location that will ultimately bring you the best return when it comes time to re-sell. It’s very important for you to find out what the distances are to the beaches, shopping, restaurants, performance and sporting venues – as well as airport and ports.


And equally important is the location of your new apartment and where it’s situated in the new building. Often the lowest prices are for apartments that face west or north – and developers consistently put the highest premiums on apartments that face south or east. The best advice is to always go for the best location – at the lowest available price.

Invest early!

The most important rule of pre-construction investing is to buy during the opening pricing levels and take advantage of the best selection of available inventory. Developers often raise prices quickly, once certain percentages of sales have been reached in different lines in their inventory, so take the time to ask the developer’s on-site sales professional to inform you of how many price increases have already gone into effect since the opening of sales. If you feel you’re a little late in the process, then wait and take time to check out some other pre-construction opportunities. 


Avoid buying close to the end of a developer’s marketing campaign because you will most likely be paying a highly inflated price for the unit. In addition, you will probably have to compete with many other investors in the building, who were fortunate enough to buy earlier, at much lower prices.

Compare the quality of luxury finishes – before you buy!

It’s very important to compare what each condo offers, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinetry, appliance brands, and bathroom materials and fixtures. In addition, each new project features different amenities, so make sure you invest in a building that is equal or better than the competition – as this could become a big determining factor when you go to resell your unit.

Fixed fixtures in bathrooms, kitchens and even lighting are sometimes positioned to connect to the building for specific reasons such as concrete placement and plumbing. Remodeling touches can get accomplished, but knowing how to get the job done is part of the process.

If you’re buying “designer ready”, then likely the kitchen and bathrooms will be the only things that are completed, so you may not need to worry about some of those issues. When doing an overhaul on an existing condo, you need to be very cautious about layout changes.

Contact a Design-Build Firm specializing in Condos – before you buy!

The absolute best thing you can do before investing in a designer ready condo (or a condo you want to completely remodel) would be to consult with a seasoned, experienced design-build firm who knows all the “tricks of the trade” about remodeling a high rise condominium.

  • They can tell you what your options
  • They can give you great ideas
  • They can give you an idea of cost up front
  • They can give you a clear picture of your overall investment
  • This service may be absolutely free to you…with no obligation whatsoever.

There are also many skilled trade risks associated with a condo renovation such as:

  • A leaking plumbing fitting on the 18th floor can cause much more damage than to a single family home.
  • The careless product placement overloading can occur on the existing concrete floors from heavy items such as crated floor stone or piling drywall in the center of a large floor span.
  • There are other specific risks associated with condo remodeling that causes greater exposure than the typical remodeling projects.
  • They are ventilation issues such as work activities that cause large amounts of dust triggering smoke alarm systems
  • The infiltrating the central air system of the building and transferring the smoke or dust through the entire structure.

These systemic risk of remodeling your condo can be mitigated by an experienced and professional general contractor. Using a seasoned builder will not only reduce your risk exposure but will expedite the entire renovation process. 

Big terrace with ocean view in beach in Miami.

Any remodeling project comes with a great deal of potential risk, but with a condo remodeling project, the stakes are even higher due to the exposure of other owners. In selecting your remodeling contractor, verify his condo renovation experience and discuss the workflow plan in detail to avoid an unwelcome event. Complete Home Improvement is the perfect firm for the job, and we’d be happy to provide you with any details you need to feel comfortable. 

The Overview Challenges in Remodeling a High Rise Condo:

  • Most new condos are designer ready, meaning it’s up to you to finish them
  • Most high rise condominium associations have strict guidelines for construction improvements in their building. 
  • They specify security clearance for the workman to enter the building and only allow construction activities during carefully defined hours. 
  • Most condos restrict the number of structural changes allowed to the existing structure, such as cutting up the concrete floors or the use of jackhammers on concrete beams. 
  • Most of all they are extremely sensitive to any activities disrupting the other condo owners. 

With all of this in mind, your condo can become your dream home. And we can be the ones to give it to you!

If you are planning to get a high rise and need professional help, Please feel free to contact Complete Home Improvement. Complete Home Improvement that helps prepare your budget, timelines, choosing materials and brands, guides you on each step, helps choose a design style and layout in our complimentary design consultation!

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